Photo by : Yasuyuki Kasagi


山出 淳也

井上 絢子

1985年 福岡県生まれ
2007年 佐賀大学文化教育学部美術工芸課程卒業

2005年 「いわずにいってもいない」モマ・コンテンポラリー、福岡
2015年 「あなたの大切なことはわたしにとって大切なことか」PORT、福岡
2015年 「明日への坩堝」福岡アジア美術館交流ギャラリー、福岡
2016年 「黄金町バザール2016」黄金町、神奈川
2016年 「Local Prospects 2 アイデンティティ」三菱地所アルティアム、福岡


Ayako Inoue

1985 Born in Fukuoka
2007 Graduated from Arts and Crafts course, Faculty of Culture and Education ,Saga University

2005 “absence without a notice” MOMA Contemporary (Fukuoka, japan)
2015 “Whether things that are important to you are also important for me” PORT (Fukuoka, japan)
2015 “The Melting Pot for Tomorrow” Fukuoka Ajian Art Museum (Fukuoka, japan)
2016 “Koganecho Bazaar 2016” koganecho (Kanagawa, japan)
2016 “Local Prospects 2 Identity” MITSUBISHIJISHO ARTIUM (Fukuoka, japan)

I feel conflicted about capturing those aspects of our world that are difficult or transient. Everyday occurrences quickly become part of the past, with individual feelings and fleeting moments rapidly buried together with major events and powerful moods. I wonder if I can capture even a fraction of that fleeing time. Or if I can relate some of that fleeting time to someone. And who is that someone, anyway?Sometimes I cease to feel the difference between myself and others, and try to capture in detail some of those minor movements and random scenes in a world of ambiguity. Every time there is a catch in my heart, I want to remember its color, air and temperature.