大久保 紗也

Saya Okubo

Selection-GYM(2F 体育館)Selection-GYM(2F Gymnasium)

hypochondriac /prayerhypochondriac /prayer


Paintings are ambiguous things that can be understood both as objects and planes. When applying a motif to a surface, the two-dimensional representations, expressed as contour lines, and the phenomenal undulation of the image arising with materiality coexist over the painting. As they are recognized by the viewer, these elements are sometimes dissolved and confused, and sometimes separated and disconnected.The lines try to represent a certain motif, but the contours are broken by physical errors such as poorly drawn lines, and the colors with matière carry memories and emotions.The work tries to form an image, but it also collapses.I am trying to depict the sensations, impressions, and actions that we recognize before we trace the contours of things.

photo by Hidenori Suzuki

大久保 紗也

Saya Okubo

1992年  福岡生まれ
2017年  京都造形芸術大学大学院芸術専攻ペインティング領域 修了

2020年  個展「They」、WAITINGROOM、東京
2019年  グループ展「大鬼の住む島」、WAITINGROOM、東京
2018年  個展「a doubtful reply」、WAITINGROOM、東京
2017年  グループ展「第4回CAF賞入賞作品展」、代官山ヒルサイドフォーラム、東京

1992  Born in Fukuoka
2017  Kyoto University of Art and Design, Master’s degree, Oil Painting

2020  solo exhibition "They", WAITINGROOM, Tokyo
2019  group exhibition "Island with Oni", WAITINGROOM, Tokyo
2018  solo exhibition "a doubtful reply", WAITINGROOM, Tokyo
2017  group exhibition "The 4th CAF Award - Winning Award Exhibition", Daikanyama Hillside Forum, Tokyo



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