小林 紗織

Saori Kobayashi

Selection-GYM(2F 体育館)Selection-GYM(2F Gymnasium)


As I listen to music, what comes to mind is what I draw; I try to illustrate the musical notes off of one page, interpreted on to another page. For the longest time when I hear songs I like, colors and textures and on rare occasions whole images will spring up in my imagination. These images overlap in a melding of the senses, sight and sound becoming one.
From that I began to visualize the sheet music and select from the imagined pictures what appeared to remain loyal to that timeline, but drawn into colors and shapes.(Recently, I have begun to sometimes ignore the musical notation in favor of just drawing freely.)
Until now these graphic notation interpretive drawings were not sheet music aimed at performers, but art works to be viewed by anyone who would see them. As I have been faithful to my vision and drawn it as such, the viewer can feel and interpret on their own terms what transcends sight and sound, and on a deeper level intrinsic to the senses get that feeling at their core.
This is my ultimate goal and hope, that people will have their senses awakened on a deep level and experience that primal feeling from my works.


小林 紗織

Saori Kobayashi

1988年  神奈川生まれ
2011年  武蔵野美術大学デザイン情報学科卒業

2021年  「エマージング・アーティスト展」、銀座蔦屋書店 GINZA ATRIUM、東京
2021年  「お腹まで2時間35分」、NADiff a/p/a/r/t ショーウィンドウ、東京
2020年  「TRIP」、手と花、東京

1988  Born in Kanagawa
2011  Graduated from Tokyo Musashino Art University.

2021  "Emerging artist Exhibition", GINZA TSUTAYA BOOKS GINZA ATRIUM, Tokyo
2021  "2 hours 35 minutes to stomach.", NADiff a/p/a/r/t Show window gallery, Tokyo
2020  "TRIP", TETOKA, Tokyo




田中 みゆき

Miyuki Tanaka


Curator / Producer