March 6 (Wed) – 10 (Sun), 2019
March 6 (Wed)
[First Choice] 14:00[General Admission] 17:0020:00
March 7 (Thu) – 9 (Sat)
March 10 (Sun)
※Entry on final day limited to 30 min. before closing
3331 Arts Chiyoda 1F Main Gallery, 2F Gymnasium, Basement/2F Classroom Area, Rooftop, and other areas

¥1,500 (Ticket Only) ¥1,700 (Ticket with guide book)

Seniors (65+) / Students


*Multiple entry allowed during event period *Classroom Area free entry *Students under high-school age free entry *Chiyoda City residents free entry with proof of identification *Visitors with handicap free entry along with one escort (please present handicap certificate)
Tokyo Art Passport
¥6,500 (tax-inclusive)

*Admission ticket allowing visitors entry to “3331 ART FAIR 2019”, “Art Fair Tokyo 2019 “, and “ART in PARK HOTEL TOKYO 2019” See here for details and purchase method eplus

3331 Arts Chiyoda

About 3331 Art Fair

The 3331 ART FAIR draws out a variety of current visions for opening new doors and relationships in contemporary art. This is based on the challenge of building a framework for an alternative art fair that questions the elements of “art” and “market”. Artists themselves play a role in developing expressive activities and artworks. In our art fair, we evaluate the underlying artistic value of these through social and economic realms in our aim to expand the greater art market.

3331 Arts Chiyoda Supervising Director,
Masato Nakamura

From Basement to Rooftop, All of 3331 an Art Fair!



1F Main Gallery Area

Exhibition-style venue featuring artworks by emerging artists selected by curators and art professionals active across Japan.


Public Area (Free Area)

Exhibitions displayed in common spaces such as the entrance, café, and hallways. All visitors will be freely welcomed with artworks for a limited time during the 3331 ART FAIR


2F Gymnasium Area

Booth-style venue featuring Japanese/Asian galleries, universities, and art organizations. (Venue also becomes event space during fair period.)


B1F・2F・3F Classroom Area (Free Area)

Exhibitions by galleries and art organizations based in former junior high school classrooms. Each space features independent exhibitions, as well as exhibitions of art project archives.


Rooftop Area

Located right in the center of the city, the former Rensei Junior High School’s rooftop served as a playing yard. The venue holds a vast oppenness that engages with artworks placed outdoors.