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Akio Suzuki

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鈴木 昭男

©Brian Whatu

Akio Suzuki

1987 Documenta 8, Germany
1998 Donaueschingen Festival, Germany
2002 British Murseum, UK 2004 Musée Zadkine, France
2017 Documenta 14, Athens

Born in1941. Based in Kyotango-City, Kyoto. Undertaking a series of “Self-Study Events” , Suzuki's journey as a "quester after sound and space" started in 1963. In 1970, he invented an echo instrument which he named Analapos. In 1978, particiapting in the Festival d'Automne in Paris, he began Conceptual Performance. Suzuki then constructed the Hinatabokko no kukan (Space in the Sun) in 1988, consisting of two huge parallel walls between which the artist can sit all day to purify his hearing by listening to the reflected sounds of nature. The oto-date project, which is to find echo points on the streets, started in 1996 and has now been held in over more than 30 cities around the world. He is also known to perform by drawing sound out of various everyday materials and often collaborates with musicians who play improvised music. He has been invited by international exhibitions, programs, and leading music festivals such as Documenta 8 (Kassel, 1987), Donaueschingen Musiktage (Germany, 1998), the British Museum (UK, 2002) , MUSEE ZADKINE (Paris, 2004) , AV Festival (UK, 2014), and Documenta 14 (Athens, 2017).