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Eriko Mukai

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approach 0.1

Photo by Kai Maetani

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approach 2 (oil)

Photo by Hyogo Mugyuda

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approach 6.0

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approach 8.0

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Artist Information

迎 英里子

Photo by Kai Maetani

Eriko Mukai

1990 Born in Hyogo
2015 Graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts, Sculpture
2016 “approach 2.0 (oil)” Gallery PARC (Kyoto, Japan)
2016 “New Rube Goldberg Machine” KAYOKOYUKI/KomagomeSoko (Tokyo, Japan)
2017 “ALLNGHT HAPS 2017 #3 approach0.1” HAPS (Kyoto, Japan)
2018 “OPEN SITE 2017-2018 impurity/immunity” Tokyo Arts and Space Hongo (Tokyo, Japan)
2018 “HIAP OPEN STUDIOS” Gallery August (Helsinki, Finland)

I make performance works based on the mechanisms of social and natural phenomena: meat processing, government bonds, nuclear fission... try to isolate the mechanisms that define these processes and reconstruct them as systems made out of motion and apparatuses. Since these phenomena tend to remain invisible-either because they are too big or too small- I make life-sized performances based on them to make new structures appear and to make the audience think about them in a different light. My works aim to understand. To understand is to keep thinking.


hiroyuki hattori


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Eriko Mukai, who moved her base from Kyoto to Akita last year, is an artist with a deep knowledge of sculpture. She creates an abstract space, combining common materials, within which are created fundamental structures of matters that are established as systems in society – such as the composition of DNA, mechanisms of slaughter and the activities of the forestry industry. She develops performances in these spaces matter-of-factly, as if she is trying to reach a physical understanding of the systems.