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Eunice Luk

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Eunice Luk

Eunice Luk

1988 Born in Canada
2012 Graduated from Ontario College of Art and Design University
2016 “No Egg is Perfect”, The Embassy of Canada Prince Takamado Gallery (Tokyo,Japan)
2017 “Shokki×Eunice -Somehow Mingei-”, Utrecht (Tokyo,Japan)
2018 “Taken notice of the Moon”, Weird Things (Toronto,Canada)
2018 “On some faraway beach -Alicia Nauta and Eunice Luk-”, Emily Carr University (Vancouver,Canada)
2018 “Every flower was wild and every plant was a weed”, Pon Ding (Taipei,Taiwan)

Eunice Luk (b. 1988) is a Canadian visual artist currently based in Tokyo, Japan. Her work includes drawings, paintings, artist books, sculptures and installations. Luk has recently held exhibitions at Utrecht (Tokyo), The Embassy of Canada Prince Takamado Gallery (Tokyo), VACANT (Tokyo), Printed Matter (New York) and Art Metropole (Toronto). Luk also publishes artist books and multiples under the imprint, 'Slow Editions'.


Makiko Hara

Independent Curator

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Born in Toronto, Canada and now based in Tokyo, the multi-talented artist Eunice Luk works in mediums ranging from ceramic sculpture, silk screen, and installation to the publication of artist books. Taking up a residency at The Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park in 2015, she created the series being displayed in this fair, “No Egg is Perfect”, using the earth of Shigaraki and the local method of hand-forming. The ceramic sculptures made with bumpy, unformed, soft outlines and colored with pale gradation were inspired by the landscape and living things of the countryside during her daily experience and encounters with nature in Shigaraki. Luk’s artworks brimming with an original hand-made quality are filled with a fascination that draws viewers into a warm, gentle, and rich poetic world.