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Hiroshi Fuji

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Carp streamer swam in Kamo river

©Hiroshi Fuji

Fuji is from Kagoshima Prefecture and was involved in setting up a textile work on Sanjo Kamogawa without permission in "Art Network '83" that was planned with friends while studying at Kyoto City University of Arts. While building a network of young artists through activities such as Fujiyama Geisha and the first Japan Ushimado International Art Festival, he attracted attention as a next-generation artist through his graduate school graduate work titled Marriage Problem of Mr. Godzilla and Ms. Haniwa which was featured in art magazines. He developed activities to launch events in spaces such as the “Artists Today” exhibition in Yokohama which was considered the gateway for contemporary artists at the time, and the Hara Annual at the Hara Museum of Contemporary Art. However, he felt a sense of incongruity in the art situation at that time so from 1986 he joined the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers and taught art at the National Arts School in Papua New Guinea for 2 years. The experiences at this time influenced later art activities, as he observed society, regions, and everyday life, and worked on themes such as "Transition to a Circulatory Society” and "Innovative Changes to Local Communities". He is known for his projects such as the "Skinny Dogs" sculptures based on the motif of the thin and feeble yet energetic dog that he saw in a village of Papua New Guinea, and "Kaekko" (Exchanging) where children bring and exchange toys from home that they no longer use. He has exhibited many works at artists' festivals and art projects in Japan and abroad, such as the Bangladesh Biennale (2006), Site Santa Fe Biennial (2008), and the Setouchi Triennale (2010).

Artist Information

藤 浩志

Hiroshi Fuji

1960 Kagoshima born. Artist, Akita University of Art Professor. .Completed Master Program of Kyoto City University of Arts, established 1992 [Fuji, Hiroshi Studio] through Papua New Guinea National University of the Arts lecturer, an urban planning consultant work. Bangladesh Biennale (Grand Prix), site Santa Fe Biennial, many involved in the start-up of national and international art project as the beginning of the exhibition of the international exhibitions such as the Setouchi International Art Festival. Major works: "Carp streamer swam in Kamo river" (1983), "Godzilla and Haniwa of marriage divorce" (1984-85), "Skinny dog ??walk" (1988-96), "Media garden E Space" (1989- ), "Rice of the desert, Pee dog" (1991), "Rice frog story" (1992-95), "Vinyl Plastics Connection" (1999-2003), "Kaekko" (2000 -), "Kaeru System "(2008-), "Create a Hachijuro Fujishima"(2010 -)," Polyplanet Company "(2014-). NPO corporation plus Arts Vice President (2006-), Towada Art Center director (2012-16)