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Kosei Sasaki

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佐々木 耕成

Kosei Sasaki

1928 Born in Kumamoto
2010 “Kosei Sasaki Exhibition: OK. PERFECT. YES.”, 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo
2012 “Tatebayashi Junction”, Gunma Museum of Art, Tatebayashi
2012 “Kosei Sasaki: Kumamoto, Siberia, Manchuria, NY, Kurobone, And KandaーAIR 3331”, Former Site of Tokyo Denki University, Tokyo
2018 Passed away in Gunma Prefecture
2018 “Sasaki Kosei Archives: 1928 – 2018” Kumamoto Prefectural Museum of Art,museum collection exhibition room, Kumamoto

Kosei Sasaki is an artist that has pushed artistic thinking to a higher level, starting with his “Jack Gathering” held at the forefront of avant-garde 1960’s activity to being at the center of the New York counter culture scene during the 1970’s. Kosei Sasaki broke away from the art world when returning to Japan in the 1980’s but started to paint again in the early 2000’s in his atelier built by hand located at the base of Mount Akagi, Gunma Prefecture. Sasaki vigorously waved his paint brush without stopping until his passing in April 2018.