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Miyako Tengyu

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The home front

Dancing without Knowing how to walk

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天牛 美矢子

Miyako Tengyu

1989 Born in Osaka
2015 M,F,A Dyeing and Weaving Kyoto City University of Arts
2014 “From one Island To another Island Then my Island” : Hockney Gallery at Royal College of Arts (London,UK)
2016 “MOTEL vol.3 Port town” Miyako Tengyu, Yuki Hasegawa exhibition KUNSTARZT (Kyoto,Japan)
2017 “Selected young textile artist exhibition” SOME Seiryukan (Kyoto,Japan)
2017 Solo exhibition “Ritual of the Wolfchild” galerie 16 (Kyoto,Japan)
2018 “Curse and Celebrate” Miyako Tengyu Curated group exhibition KUNSTARZT (Kyoto,Japan)

My family runs a vintage bookstore, and since I was little, I've touched the magical power of narratives. I try to looking back that primitive powers of creating story, which are tend to be forgotten in modern society. Also as textile materials have the character that are very closely related to the human body, I use them to tell my world view intimately.


Hisako Hara

Producer/Professor, Osaka Electro-communication University

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The characters and forms painted on pieces of cloth and leather in Miyako Tengyu’s work are often both eerie and cute. In the exhibition, she treats the space freely to develop a world rich in narrative. Visual information plays a significant role in the impression of art, and various elements combine in Tengyu’s work. Alongside the creation of her art she has also been working on the production and editing of zines. In addition, in the summer of 2018 she curated the exhibition “Curse and Celebrate” (KUNST ARZT, Kyoto), presenting a show with artists of her generation that cannot be grasped with the physical senses. She is truly a multi-talented artist.