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Patrick Cruz

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Patrick Cruz

Patrick Cruz

1987 Born in Manila
2016 Graduated from University of Guelph, Masters of Fine Arts
2018 “Surrender to Mastery”, Regart (Quebec,Canada)
2018 “labas vs loob (inside vs outside)”, Mono8 Gallery (Manila,Philippines)
2018 “By What Signs Will I Come To Understand”, Franz Kaka (Toronto,Canada)
2019 “people without property”, Mo_space (Manila,Philippines)
2019 “Words Bounce”, Nanaimo Art Gallery (British Columbia,Canada)

My experience migrating from the Philippines to Canada informs my studio practice, prompting me to question notions of diaspora, displacement and the adoption of a new cultural identity. Our increasingly globalized experience suggests a sense of cultural hybridity coalescing in a state of homogeneity. This provocation has led me to use aesthetic strategies that adopt folk and pre-colonial sensibilities, such as ornamentation and magical thinking as a form of inquiry to decolonize hegemonic ideologies.


Makiko Hara

Independent Curator/Advisor, Akita University of Art International Exchange Center

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