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Ryohta Shimamoto

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The Survivor

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“Old school nail bat” & “Now school nail bat”

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Fujimi-no-omen in Carrillo Puerto

Photo by Alejandro Garcia Contreras

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島本 了多

Photo by Takahiro Wada(LIGHT&PLACE)

Ryohta Shimamoto

1986 Born in Tokyo
2009 Graduated ceramic program from Tama Art University
2009-12 “TARO Award exhibition” Taro Okamoto Museum of Art (Kawasaki,Japan)
2015 “BAKEMONO” Aomori Museum of Art (Aomori,Japan)
2016 “Living Funeral” solo exhibition, eitoeiko (Tokyo,Japan)
2016 Solo exhibition, gallery N (Nagoya,Japan)
2018 “Undisrememberable Curios” PØST (LA,U.S.A)

When I wonder who an artist is, I see myself, but then it makes me wonder who I am.This means that I am probably something besides what I am. That being said, I think an artwork is something between myself and everything besides myself.


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Ryota Shimamoto, both as a solo artist and in joint credits, has been selected for the Taro Prize four times, and works in various media including painting, pottery, photography, three-dimensional art and performance. The artist who exercises a strong influence over his work is Shusaku Arakawa, and in Shimamoto’s 2016 work “Living Funeral” – providing a unique interpretation of the Arakawa’s famous theme of immortality – the utilization of physical elements such as hair gained a lot of attention. While Shimamoto has been producing work on the theme of death, he is also attempting to develop new values from new perspectives – for example picking up discarded work by students and reusing it under provisional titles. On the other side of his peculiar and witty expression, a borderline between forming selves and others resides throughout, and his approach to work is overwhelmingly direct. Shimamoto’s imagination and his motivation for creation, like a water spring, never seem to cease. His work holds a certain strength that makes the viewer consider what he will create next and how he will go about expressing it. He is certainly one of the artists whose future activities I look forward to keeping my eye on.