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Hiromi Kurosawa

Chief curator of 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

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I sometimes think about how artists, who have hyper-functioning creativity, see aspects of the world. Since the artistic expressions that exist today are not the same as the “contemporary art” world, I do not think that all artists should be sensitive to topics that are brought out almost like trends (such as ecology and gender). However, I do think that artists should at the very least have their own perspective and continually think about their relationship to society. A digital, flattened society that is mediated and connected by the internet at first glance appears to be clean and organized, easy to explain. However, in reality it is chaotic and complicatedly entangled, with texture and gradations. Humans are living somewhere in this reality. In order to remember this, artists, while being surprised at nature’s mechanisms and beauty and half-amazed at hopeless human relationships, should overwhelmingly present unique works. Looking at Japan’s art scene from overseas, its modesty and subtlety is pronounced, but one does not find powerfulness, not in the sense of large sizes or quantities, but a powerfulness that continually works out one’s own ideas for a complicated and indecipherable future. At any rate, I hope that everyone uses this art fair as an opportunity to put themselves out there with more strength.

Hiromi Kurosawa

Hiromi Kurosawa is the Chief Curator of the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Japan. She was appointed by the museum in 2003 and she worked with the artists for the inaugural exhibition ‘The Encounters in 21st Century: Polyphony Emerging Resonance’ (2004-05). She has been curating numerous exhibitions in Kanazawa, which include, among others, ‘Olafur Ellisason: Your Chance Encounter’ (2008), ‘Kazuhiko Hachiya: OpenSky’ (2008), ‘Inner Voices’ (2010), ‘Do Ho Suh: Perfect Home’ (2012). Most recently she curated ‘Fiona Tan: Ellipsis’ (2013) and ‘Janet Cardiff &George Bures Miller’ (2017). In 2012, she was co-curator of ‘City Net Asia’ in South Korea, Curator of ‘OpenArt’ (2017) in Orebro, Sweden, Curator of ‘Cultural City of East Asia’ (2018). Kurosawa also works for educational programs with children from elementary and junior high schools for appreciation and formative activities in the museum.