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Makiko Hara

Independent Curator

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While walking around the lively venue last year, I felt firsthand how the 3331 Art Fair is a unique and groundbreaking endeavor that provides young alternative artists a chance to be involved in new art markets. Artists active today, whether it be in Canada or Japan, are searching for public forms of art by which one creates and expands relationships with others. They also need to have a strategy to construct an economic foundation by which they can each continue their artistic activities in the long term. It is important to newly consider through the buying and selling of art the forms one’s artworks take. It is my hope that this opportunity will be a meaningful one through which the artists I have recommended will have new encounters.

Makiko Hara

Born in Tokyo, lives and works in Vancouver, Canada.
Moved to Vancouver at her appointed to the Chief curator at Centre A, Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Arts in 2007, and has become independent curator since 2013. Since the late 90s, Hara has curated numerous exhibition, and organized art projects in Asia Pacific Rim, in bridging the two continents with collaborative contemporary art practices. Recent curatorial projects include: Scotia Bank Nuit Blanche, (Toronto, Canada, 2009), AIR YONAGO, Tottori Geijyu Art Festival (Yonago, Japan, 2014-15), Fictive Communities Asia-Koganecho Bazaar (Yokohama, Japan, 2014), 105 Chrysanthemum-Cindy Mochizuki Solo exhibition (Wakayama Museum, Ginza, Japan, 2016), Rock Paper Scissors, Cindy Mochizuki Solo Exhibition (Yonago City Museum of Art, Tottori, Japan, 2018). Hara has appointed to the Advisory on International Exchange Center, Akita University of Art since 2017.