About the Collector Prize

The 3331 ART FAIR has been upheld by all types of collectors over the years. From well-known collectors to corporation members, and even creators themselves, 100 key people from varying fields participate as “Prize Selectors” in the fair, awarding a “Collector Prize” to artworks that they buy. During the event period, these results will be presented at the venue.

Prize Selectors

Kazuya Sugawa

YASUDA REAL ESTATE Co.,Ltd Director General Manager of Development Dep.1


Sound production team

Yoshihiko Sano

Presdent, Principal Architect, Yasui Architects & Engineers,Inc.

Tsutomu Horiuchi

Professor, Tama University Center For Social Investment / Co-Chair, Asia Society Japan Center Arts Committee

Keita Sumiyoshi

President & CEO, Toho Machinery Co., Ltd. / President Art Line Kashiwa


MY REAL VISION INC. President/Art Media “hibiA” Representative

Linda Dennis

Joshibi University of Art and Design Associate Professor


People who think again about art education

Keiko Misawa

Education Department Director, Art Evangelist Association

(Updated 2019.2.22)