Taichi Sugiura

CEO / Founder

杉浦 太一

Taichi Sugiura Prize

Born 1982 in Tokyo.Taichi launched CINRA as a university student in 2003, and in 2006 incorporated the organisation.He has been responsible for many media platforms, such as CINRA.NET, a cultural media site with a focus on art and music, and HereNow, a creative city guide centered around various cities around Asia. He has been involved in branding and digital marketing for national and regional government agencies including the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Business, the Ministry of Tourism, Fukuoka City and Setouchi DMO, as well as companies such as Shiseido, Mori Building and JAL. In 2013, Taichi relocated to Singapore and set up the agency’s first overseas branch. In July 2016, CINRA formed a capital and business alliance with Hakuhodo Group’s inbound tourism company, wondertrunk & co., where he was appointed as the Outside Director CTO.