Photo by:Shintaro Ueyama



中村 亮一

1982年 東京都生まれ
2004年 東京造形大学自主退学

2013年 ギャラリー椿、東京
2015年 「Recollections」KOKI ARTS、東京
2016年 「Confused Utopia」Paranthesis Art Space、ニューヨーク
2016年 「Confused Utopia」KOKI ARTS、東京
2016年 「Synchronicity」YIRI ARTS、高雄


Ryoichi Nakamura

1982 Born in Tokyo
2002-04 Attended Tokyo Zokei University

2013 Gallery Tsubaki (Tokyo, Japan)
2015 "Recollections" KOKI ARTS (Tokyo, Japan)
2016 "Confused Utopia" Parenthesis Art Space (New York, U.S.A)
2016 "Confused Utopia" KOKI ARTS (Tokyo, Japan)
2016 "Synchronicity" YIRI ARTS (Kaohsiung, Taipei)

Identity is an important contemporary theme that is related not only to culture and experience, but to politics as well. In this exhibition, each work depicts a portrait based on real Japanese Americans who immigrated to the US. During WWII, as many Japanese Americans were sent to internment camps by the federal government, it has been said that their identity wavered between the two countries.