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秋田公立美術大学 [秋田]

Akita University of Art [Akita]


Selection GYM(2F体育館)

Selection GYM(2F)




菅原 果歩

Kaho Sugawara

翼標本 PhotogramWings specimen Photogram

菅原 果歩

Kaho Sugawara

zine 無窮の地で

菅原 果歩

Kaho Sugawara


後藤 夏希

Natsuki Goto




Exhibitor Information



Akita University of Art was established in 2013 as a public university dedicated to mutual development with the local community of Akita Prefecture. We offer specialist programs not found at other art universities, in areas such as painting, sculpture, craft and design, and a cross-disciplinary educational approach that encourages students to discover and create connections and combinations between the varying disciplines. The University’s core mission is the creation of new artistic fields that are unbound by pre-existing concepts and responsive to the changing needs of modern society. We hope the works presented here can serve to represent our university's unique activities that can only be seen at our university in Akita, Tohoku.