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アキバタマビ21 [東京]



Galleries-2F(2F 館内ギャラリー)




山田 遼志
Ryoji Yamada
平岡 政展
Masanobu Hiraoka
有吉 達宏
Tatsuhiro Ariyoshi
稲葉 秀樹
Hideki Inaba


アキバタマビ21では、独特な存在感を放つアニメーション作家4人のグループ展「The Edge of Animation」を開催します。普段のクライアントワークでは見ることのできない、パーソナルで純度の高い作品を展示。映像作品に限らず、作家自身の閉じた実験の集積や独自の思考にフォーカスを当てることで、作家の偏愛を浮かび上がらせ、そのまなざしの特異性を明らかにする試みです。また、ポピュラーなアニメーションとは異なる方法でアニメーションのオルタナティブを示す機会にもなるはずです。本展は10月9日(土)から11月6日(土)の会期で開催しています。



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AKIBATAMABI21 is an alternative art space run by Tama Art University, for the purpose of supporting the careers of our graduates. We hold group exhibitions 8 times a year in support of young artists (under 40). Participating artists include TAU graduates, but also include unaffiliated invited artists. Exhibitions are produced by the artists themselves. It is a requirement to hold a symposium or talk event, inviting the artists or guest critics, and to create a public relations material archive, providing an opportunity to look back on the intention of the exhibition through words. In addition to the self-produced exhibitions, we hold special exhibitions and cooperation with other universities. We aim to be a base through which to convey and disseminate the joy in creation, aiming to be a place that can provide a new spirit of the age.