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小野川 直樹 x 生田目 礼一

Naoki Onogawa x Namatame Reiichi 



Naoki Onogawa



Reiichi Namatame



Reiichi Namatame



Reiichi Namatame


生田目 礼一

Reiichi Namatame



Naoki Onogawa x Reiichi Namatame



Exbition's Information

Collaborations tend to be rare yet when they do happen, interesting combinations take place to give a fresh view. In Asia, there have been several exciting collaborations at popular museums or at known art fairs such as the one held at Mori Art Museum in Japan in 2022 by Chim↑Pom and during the same year by rungrupa from Indonesia showcasing their artistic direction through a project called “documenta fifteen”. Artistic collaborations produce vital work and at this exhibition “non-in-différence” between Onogawa and Namatame, they use different materials, being paper and glass, combining to create a sculpture. In this sense, blending methods alongside the materials, their experiences, philosophies and work ethics into something new, something never seen before, that will hopefully stir emotions in the viewer who will walk away with a new perspective.



Exhibitor Information


-About WUTAMI 3331 ART FAIR 2022で初のキュレーション展を開催。 NYを拠点に、日本のアーティストを欧米のアートマーケットに接続することやアートマーケットとアートの文脈への影響力を持つキュレーションの実現を目指す。 ギャラリスト松岡詩美(まつおかうたみ)について アメリカNY生まれ。 8歳の時に日本の鹿児島へ移転。 2006年に東京芸術大学へ入学。大学在学中に留学したシンガポールの美術大学でアートマネジメントに出会う。 2012年アートやハンドメイド作品を展示販売するPicaresque(ピカレスク)立ち上げ、その後 会社設立。 2022年アーティストの活動の場の拡大をサポートするため、より大きな美術市場を有する欧米マーケットへのジョインを目指しWUTAMIを立ち上げ。

■"non-in-différence" Description -Curator's Note The title for this exhibition comes from Jewish philosopher Emmanuel Lénivas, who is from France, whose phrase “non-in-différence” inspired me. Lénivas continues with “I cannot say that it’s not related to me” and the part “it’s not related to me” is the English translation of “non-in-différence”. Lévinas and his family were all killed by the Nazi’s and his saying “I cannot say that it’s not related to me”, “related” meaning “responsibility” in this case. In this way, he is saying “I cannot say it’s not my responsibility” what the Nazis did. Except the hope of a billion “regrets” and “responsibilities” that inspire “prayer” for people in the future. From Lévinas’ thoughts that were born out of World War two, I recognized what Onogawa and Namatame were creating through each of their art works contained this philosophy. This is the reason I chose this title for the exhibition. But, I only used the beginning part of Lévinas’ phrase “non-in-différence” and it’s up to the viewer how to end this sentence. -About WUTAMI WUTAMI will have its first curated exhibition at 3331 ART FAIR. WUTAMI is planning to be based in New York to help connect Japanese artists to a wider global market. To achieve this, we at WUTAMI are up to the challenge to craft powerful curated exhibitions to influence the wider art market and world from this angle. WUTAMI’s owner, Wutami Matsuoka was born in New York, where she grew up until she was eight years old before her family moved to Kagoshima, Japan. In 2006, she was accepted into the Tokyo University of Arts. During her studies, Wutami went to Singapore Art University where she came across the concept of art management. After graduating, she decided to open a gallery that sells art and handmade work, and established her company. 10 years after opening her first gallery which supported artists and to continue this support WUTAMI is focusing on the global market, especially the US and Europe to further connect those art worlds with Japan.