皆川 伸一郎 / Minagawa Shinichiro

Minagawa Shinichiro

株式会社ビーズインターナショナル 代表取締役会長

B’s International Founder/Chairman


Minagawa Shinichiro Prize

MIKE D(Beastie Boys)のXLARGE、Kim Gordon(Sonic Youth)のX-girl、映画監督Sofia CoppolaのMILKFEDの日本総代理店となったあと、ブランドの創業者達から請われる形で、それらの世界的な権利を買収、自社ブランドとして、グローバルに展開中。

Chairman and Representative Director, B’s International Inc. Owner of Calif Shibuya
Founded the apparel company B’s International at the age of 25.

The company “B’s” has acted as the sole agent in Japan for MIKE D (Beastie Boys)’s XLARGE, Kim Gordon‘s (Sonic Youth)’s X-girl, and film director Sofia Coppola’s MILKFED.
B’s then acquired those worldwide rights at the request of the brands’ founders. Currently, they are deployed globally as B’s own brand.
In 2017, Minagawa stepped down from the front lines of management and became chairman of the board in order to realize his childhood dream of early retirement.

Since taking office as chairman, Minagawa has been in charge of matching artists with its own brand, visiting exhibitions and artists’ studios in Japan and overseas. For a long time, he has been interacting with street artists, becoming acquainted with them and encountering their works.
For Minagawa, art used to be a light hobby, but now it’s much more.

The company is also actively involved in training artists through its own gallery, utilizing the knowledge it has cultivated through apparel branding.