猪熊 敏博 / Toshihiro Inokuma

Toshihiro Inokuma

社会人 / つなぎて / (ワンピース倶楽部会員だった)

Member of society/ Connector / Former member of OPC

Reasons for the Beauty 賞

Reasons for the Beauty Award






(日本アドバタイザーズ協会 ダイバーシティ委員会 副委員長 / 金継ぎあそび研)

After experiencing planning and sales of brands at an apparel company, he joined wacoal, an innerwear brand. He is in charge of planning, production, and sales related to advertising creative, branding, and interior coordination.

Since 2004, he has been engaged in the transmission and transmission of information on cultural projects full of individuality from Spiral, such as public relations related to art and food and beverage production at the cultural facility Spiral in Wacoal.

After that, as the person in charge of public relations and publicity at Wacoal, he participated in various promotional activities, advertising production, brand production, and other creative-focused operations.

A new Wacoal Study Hall Kyoto, a gallery and library cum hangout that tickles the aesthetically curious, is opened in Kyoto.

Currently, we are developing businesses and brands with an eye to the future.