中丸 彩希

Ayaki Nakamaru

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waxing and waningwaxing and waning

It's both the future and the pastIt's both the future and the past

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「waxing and waning」(3331 CUBE shop&gallery、2022年9月7日-11月6日)

The theme of my artwork is "me". As a member of modern society, I possess different faces for different scenarios, and can be recognized from various perspectives. For instance, me as a artist, as a friend of someone, as someone who would feel pain, and as someone who is just standing right in front of you. There is nobody, including me, is able to perceive "me" as a whole. Through my artwork, I would like to invite you think about "me" with me.

「waxing and waning」(3331 CUBE shop&gallery, September 7th - November 6th 2022)
The theme of my artwork is "me". My “self” is someone who carries the title of an artist and who goes while going about their daily life just like you.
That “self” turned 30 this year.
The 30-year-old I had envisioned feels like a distant figure.
But I also certainly feel a transformation in becoming 30 years old.
In this exhibition, I sublimate new realizations that my current “self” feels in this transformation.
Through this work, I wonder what your current “self” might feel.

中丸 彩希

Ayaki Nakamaru

1992年  神奈川生まれ
2019年  東京藝術大学院美術教育研究室修了

2021年  3331 ART FAIR 2021、3331 Arts Chiyoda、東京
2021年  incomplete、JINEN GALLERY 、東京
2020年  Pruning、JINEN GALLERY 、東京
2019年  territory、JINEN GALLERY 、東京

1992  Born in Kanagawa
2019  Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts

2021  3331 ART FAIR 2021, 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo
2021  incomplete, JINEN GALLERY , Tokyo
2020  Pruning, JINEN GALLERY , Tokyo
2019  territory, JINEN GALLERY , Tokyo