横山 翔平

Shohei Yokoyama

Selection-GYM(2F 体育館)Selection-GYM(2F Gymnasium)






Glass is “amorphous”. It is a rare material that does not have a crystalline structure. Molten glass can be transformed using gravity, heat, air and centrifugal force. We can also use our breath and make the glass take shape, and through the transparency of the material we can also visualize the shape our breath will create. Through the process of blowing and forming glass in a molten state, we can follow the transformation from a liquid to a solid.

I see the material separated into two equally important factors. The first point is the effect of the artist on the material, the physical ability of muscle pressure and lung power and the way those factors determine the shape of the glass. The second point is the emotional state of the artist, the feelings, mind, sensibility and spirituality and how those factors will determine the shape of the glass.

I aim to create work in this space where the activity of making glass is born. I am motivated by the process and hope to create work that capture power of the material.

横山 翔平

Shohei Yokoyama

1985年  岡山生まれ
2008年  大阪芸術大学工芸学科ガラス工芸コース卒業

2022年  場所の記憶 - Ⅰ交差 -、備前市立備前焼ミュージアム、岡山
2022年  Art Fair Tokyo 2022、東京国際フォーラム、東京
2022年  Collect art fair 2022、Somerset House、ロンドン(イギリス)
2021年  GO FOR KOGEI 2021、大瀧神社、那谷寺、勝興寺、福井・石川・富山
2021年  とける形、ふくらむ瞬間(とき)、瀬戸市新世紀工芸館、愛知

1985  Born in Okayama
2008  Graduated from Osaka University of Arts Craft Department Glass Course

2022  Memory of Place -One Crossing- , Bizen Pottery Museum, Okayama
2022  Art Fair Tokyo 2022, Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo
2022  Collect art fair 2022, Somerset House, London(UK)
2021  GO FOR KOGEI 2021, Otaki Shrine, Natadera Temple, Shokoji Temple, Fukui, Ishikawa, Toyama
2021  The shape that melts, the moment it swells, Seto Ceramics and Glass Art Center, Aichi




橘 美貴

Miki Tachibana

高松市美術館 学芸員

Curator, Takamatsu Art Museum