日本のみならず、世界を股にかけて活躍するキュレーター陣の確かな審美眼によって、3331 ART FAIRに多彩な才能が集結します。

With a vision to bring attention-worthy artists from across the nation to Tokyo, the heart of Japan's art scene, we invited curators and professionals in the art field, along with 3331's tenant galleries, to offer their selection of emerging artists.
Beyond Japan, the 3331 ART FAIR showcases an array of expressions from diverse fields and backgrounds through the aesthetic eyes of internationally active curators.

Selection-GYM(2F体育館) 推薦者

Selection-GYM(2F Gymnasium) Curators

高橋 亮 Ryo Takahashi

DMOARTS ディレクター/digmeout プロデューサー/UNKNOWN ASIA エグゼクティブプロデューサー

Director of DMOARTS / Producer of digmeout / Executive producer of UNKNOWN ASIA

土屋 誠一 Seiichi Tsuchiya


Art critic / Associate Professor at Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts

Selection-ROOFTOP(屋上) 推薦者

Selection-ROOFTOP Curator

栗原 良彰
Yoshiaki Kuribara

Public AREA,
Satellite Venue

Public AREA,
Satellite Venue


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