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独自の視点・運営ポリシーのもと活動を続けてきたアートギャラリーやオルタナティブスペース、美術大学、そして3331 Arts Chiyoda入居団体が3331 ART FAIRに参加致します。出展者の形態にもご注目。美術界を形づくる多彩な団体が集結しました。

The 3331 ART FAIR is ran by the 3331 Arts Chiyoda managing organization with the cooperation of art galleries and alternative spaces, and art group, each active with their own concept and type of practice. Moreover, one cannot ignore the variety of displays brought to you by notable organizations from across the art scene.


Galleries-1F(1F Main Gallery)


Selection-GYM(2F Gymnasium)

Galleries-B1F/2F(B1F, 2F)

Galleries-B1F/2F(B1F, 2F)

Art Projects(3F、ほか)

Art Projects(3F、etc)


(Updated 2021.09.10)